Nowadays, many individuals who are directly or indirectly involved with the business world often talk about startup entrepreneurial trends. This industry player likes to talk about it and many also make a business’s statement.

What is actually a startup business? What makes it different from a normal business models as we usually hear? Startup business is a business run by a small team with the goal of building and generating revenue with businesses as well as new discoveries that never existed.

A startup company is created to grow quickly. This business development cannot be constrained by barriers in terms of physical existence or where it begins as its main goal is to achieve the desired goal. Here are 5 money-making tech business startup that remarkably influence people, less capital and professional skills but majorly push the industry to reinvent their labels to facilitate the market in Philippines.

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1. Kalibrr

Kalibrr is an online job-matching, hiring, and recruitment platform provider that aims to revolutionize the process of job recruitment by offering faster and more personal engagements between hiring companies and job applicants. Launched in 2012 by Paul Rivera and Dexter Ligot-Gordon, this Philippine-based tech startup company differentiates itself from its major rivals (the US-based tech giant LinkedIn Corporation and, the largest Southeast Asian online employment company based in Malaysia) through its unique skills assessment digital tool which allows employers to determine a particular candidate’s skill set through over fifty (50) industry validated assessments which are targeted to decrease the average screening time to ensure a strong slate of candidates that possess an employer’s specific job requirements.

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2. mClinica

mClinica is a healthcare tech startup company that provides data-driven solutions to unify previously unavailable data from pharmacies across Southeast Asia. It also administers advisory services and analytics tools to public and private healthcare organisations. mClinica was founded by Farouk Meralli, a Harvard graduate who left his career at pharmaceutical giants Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer to start building his own company. Launched in the Philippines in 2013, the company has rapidly expanded operations to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia in a few years’ time. Following a successful business registration in Singapore, the company was able to set up its global headquarters in the country and raise $6.3 million for its global expansion plans through a Series A funding round. mClinica is committed to connecting thousands of pharmacies around the world and providing them with consolidated access to billions of patient data – using a common digital platform that manages patient engagement and medical information across jurisdictions.

3. Sprout Solutions

Sprout Solutions is a Philippine-based automated HR and payroll platform provider that seeks to create a suite of back-end solutions and localized software system to address payroll, HR, and recruitment difficulties of companies in emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Its initial software product was incubated out of KMC Solutions and launched in 2015 by company founders Patrick and Alexandria Gentry. The company is committed to building an HR platform to help enterprise businesses in Southeast Asia streamline their operations and acquire access to advanced software solutions. This tech startup company offers three digital products: the Sprout HR (a cloud-based human resource information system that allows companies to centralize all their HR processes and keep track on progress and efficiency), Sprout Payroll (a comprehensive online payroll system that automates complex payroll processes and government compliance into a faster and more seamless tool), and Sprout Insight (a solution that brings tools from data science – AI and predictive analytics – to the world of human resources).

4. is a Philippine-based social enterprise that provides informed academic choices to prospective college students through an online platform that helps connect them to universities, colleges, and training providers. Its online platform has a college application service and a comprehensive database of 14,000+ colleges, 80,000+ courses, and 4,000+ scholarships from local and foreign institutions. It offers an online career guidance that aids students on the career pathways they can take in reaching their academic goals. Launched in 2016 in the Philippines by Harvard graduate Henry Motte Muñoz, is currently the leading edtech platform widely used in the country, with over a million monthly users, 400 partner colleges, and 60,000 inquiries and applications.

5. is an online grocery delivery service provider that allows private individuals and businesses to purchase grocery products online through their website. After order placement, the company then delivers the items to the customer’s doorsteps. has personal grocers that are well-trained in picking the best quality of grocery items. The company makes use of the expert logistics of its delivery partner, Lalamove, to deliver each parcel in good condition. It also provides the convenience of choosing a specific delivery time slot to maximize customer satisfaction. This startup company was launched in 2017 by CEO and Founder Joshua Aragon and is currently serving customers in Metro Manila, Philippines.

All in all

The market is teeming with potential startups in the Philippines. Techpreneurs are finding ways to setting the bars higher. One thing is for sure, technology innovation is constantly changing and providing better solutions for social and economy development. Many opportunities occurs for better jobs in Philippines and more free job posting sites Philippines online but the question now is, what’s next?