Shaves2U Blade Review: What’s the difference?

I’m a Shaves2U subscriber for as long as I can remember. I always thought that using their product simplified my life: online delivery, online customer service and easily modifying my shave plan products.

Whenever I introduce Shaves2U to my friends, I always get the question: what’s the difference between the three blades offered? The three types of blades are six-blade cartridge, five-blade cartridge and the three-blade cartridge.

Well, I’m happy to educate you about the difference between the blades!

Six-blade cartridge

The six-blade cartridge is made with Shaves2U’s patented I.C.E Diamond Coating for sharpness and durability. This type of blade also features the MicroSilver BG™ enhanced lubricating strip for a smoother shave. The six-blade is ideal for the hairiest guys who shave daily for that clean-shaven look.

It isn’t a surprise that this is the most expensive choice among the three.

shaves2u review

Five-blade cartridge

Shaves2U doesn’t use the same design for the five-blade cartridge. Instead, it is equipped with a double-coated blade, an aloe lubrication strip and the Accublade® Trimmer system. It works best for fuller beards and larger areas of the face. If you’re a bearded dude that doesn’t shave daily, this is the blade for you.

Three-blade cartridge

The last and the cheapest is the three-blade cartridge. It features a lubricating strip that is anti-clog and reduces irritation. It is for the upper lip, chin area and thin stubbles.

My verdict

Each razor type has its advantages and disadvantage. It’s crucial to know what type of facial hair do you have before subscribing for a plan with Shaves2U. For me, using the three-blade cartridge is more than enough to keep my look fresh.

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