children tummy problems

What’s So Great about Abbott Nutrition for the Little One

Since there are now many options of nutrition formula readily available, selecting the best product for the ideal man or woman who consumes it is extremely important. For example, which nutrition formula is suitable to solve children tummy problems. While the best way to avoid confusion is usually by consulting a medical professional, we’d like to mention some valuable information regarding nutritional products by Abbott Nutrition together with you, and who is going to profit from each of them.

Getting to Know Abbott Nutrition’s Products


The most important period of a child’s growth is from one to ten. Throughout this phase, infants and children start to see a boost in development physically and mentally. However, if you ever commence encountering fussy eating behaviors from the child, then that risk poses the threat of nutritional gaps in your child’s health, which later ends in unfulfilled potential in growth. Pediasure assists to fill the gaps in children nutritional must have to ensure they remain the very best track for strong development, as trusted by mothers in over 80 countries around the world.

It happens to be filled up with proteins, vitamins (25) and minerals which were meant for development. Includes probiotics, FOS, and MCT oil. In combination with over 20 essential goodness which helps to increase height, weight and build stronger antibody to get rid of the sheer numbers of sick days. Another advantage point is it’s lactose-free.

children tummy problems


Similac comes with DHA, lutein, ARA, choline, natural vitamin, Taurine, Iodine, Iron, as well as key nutrients that support learning. This product is specifically generated for children from One to ten years, and its formulation will depend on an exciting new research that found that a singular combination of nutrients enables more brain cell connections.

Similac assists you to support a baby’s overall growth which can include their brain, eye, and defense system. The effects of every ingredient are; DHA can help to improve brain development, Lutein is known as a nutrient found in breast milk that’s needed for improving eye health. Vitamin E is essential for supporting cell development, Nucleotides are known as the foundations for developing strong defense mechanisms, Antioxidants helps to protect your baby’s cells with nutrients like vitamin C, E, and selenium. And last but not least, Prebiotics for encouraging digestive health to acquire a stronger defense mechanism.


For that elderly there is always Ensure, Ensure is often a formula for fragile adults that has a low vitality. Ensure contains nutritional essentials such as Vitamin A and B12, niacin, selenium, chromium and numerous others. Since it’s lactose-free, gluten-free and adjusted for the nutritional needs of adults, this formula makes a great supplement.

At a separate note, it’s very helpful to understand that Ensure must not be provided to children. This is simply because the proportion of nutritional requirements in this milk formulation is manufactured for adults. On the other hand, Ensure is most likely the appropriate product for tube feeding for all those striving consuming solid food.


To sum it all up, knowing and selecting an appropriate formula is necessary. With many different formulas offered in the actual marketplace, not only Abbott Nutrition products, you would most likely get confused before selecting. Now, by knowing some background and function of the products, we hope to actually help you choose better. Kindly visit the website to learn more

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Get The Best Product As For Parenting Tips

Nutrition is important to your health, specifically our infant years where it makes a significant result on our growth and development. It is critical to consume the suitable nutrients to make us a good maturation process. Among the most established and recommended brands that pack lots of the right nutrition for any growing child is Abbott Nutrition. Here we will explore the main advantages of a selection of Abbott brands and how they support children’s needs.

Pediasure from Pediasure Malaysia

Pediasure Malaysia

Pediasure. Because it is pretty common today for mothers and fathers to have trouble being sure that their children get an adequate volume of daily nutrients, Pediasure can serve as the very best supplement to make up for that insufficient dosage. Having your kids the right amount of daily nutrition required is important to assist them to prevent diseases. Get your free sample from Pediasure Malaysia and learn more about it at

Pediasure contains 50% more calories and is also abundant with magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, Biotin and Vitamin A and B12, which are suitable for besides the physical continuing growth of your son or daughter, but also their mental development. The most effective blend of nutrition for your kids will most definitely better their health.

In the Similac formula, we blend in the right balance of choline, Taurine, Iron, ARA, DHA, lutein, Iodine and natural vitamin E. These are the basic essential nutrients for fast-learning kids. Specially designed for boys and girls from 1-10 years, this supplement is scientifically proven to help forge new connections in cognitive abilities, backed by the most current research data.

In pregnancy, the fitness of the mother also determines the fitness of the baby. To assist with that, there certainly is Similac Mom. This low-fat milk-based supplement contains 23 different vitamin supplements to allow extra nutrition all through the pregnancy and breastfeeding period to aid the mom along with the child.

For that seniors there will be Ensure, Ensure is mostly a formula for fragile adults having a low energy level. Ensure contains nutritional essentials, for instance, Vitamin A and B12, niacin, selenium, chromium and much more. Since it’s lactose-free, gluten-free and adjusted for the nutritional needs of adults, this formula is a good supplement.

The planet’s leading scientists have expertly developed the Ensure formula with several studies. Abbott Nutrition upholds a superior standard to allow adults everywhere a healthy daily life to give cutting-edge formulas in order to satisfy the changing nutrition needs. Ensure works in order to help babies and children grow, keep bodies strong, and aid the everyday requirements of ageing adults.

To summary it, Abbott Nutrition is a manufacturer providing you with all of the nutritional capabilities that are required that may help develop babies, kids and adults in relation to their both mental and physical growth. Pediasure aims to fulfil any nutritional gaps for children aged between 1-10 who are generally fussy in relation to their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to build up a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure concentrates on the older audience to those people who were dealing with nutrition deficiency. To have a comprehensive nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition.

Child Development: Areas of Development

What is child development?

Child development is a process that every child will go through. It is the process of physical, language, thought and emotional changes that happen to a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood.


The process involves learning and mastering skills such as sitting, talking, walking and skipping. Children master these skills, called developmental milestones, during a predictable time frame.


Five main aspects of child development:

Cognitive development 

A child’s ability to learn and solve problems. Examples of cognitive development would be a 12-month-old infant learning to discover and investigate things that intrigue them, or a six-year-old child learning how to answer simple math questions.


Social and emotional development 

A child’s ability to communicate with others, including helping themselves and self-control. For example, a two-month-old infant smiling and look directly at you, a 12-month-old waving “hello” or “goodbye”, or a three-year-old child starts to play with other kids and separate from parents more easily.

child development

Speech and language development 

A child’s ability to understand and use language. Examples of this type of development would include: a five-months-old baby reacts to loud sounds, a 17-month-old infant tries to imitate simple words, or a four-year-old child understands spatial concepts like “in front” and “next to”.


Fine motor skill development

A child’s ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers. For example, a 12-month-old infant transfers objects from one hand to another, a 3-year-old child able to eat without assistance, or five-year-old kid able to write numbers and copy letters.

Gross motor skill development 

A child’s ability to use large muscles. Examples of gross motor skill development would be a six-month-old infant able to sit with support, an 18-month-old baby able to crawl and walk, or a five-year-old child able to step up stairs while holding an object.  



It is important to monitor each child’s development and check if a child’s development is on track. If there are signs of developmental delay, early treatment can make a big difference in a child’s ability to develop new skills. To learn more about a child’s growth, visit now!