koebner phenomenon

Psoriasis: An Examination

Psoriasis is renowned among the many serious medical problems, which is actually a skin disorder related to the immune mechanism. Psoriasis is a result of skin cells producing too fast because of your immunity mechanism. Ordinarily, skin cells fall off of the body’s surface each month, however, psoriasis only takes 3 or 4 days for a similar process. Injuries that trigger psoriasis flare-ups are called Koebner Phenomenon. Psoriasis patients need to be aware of this to prevent it happen.

What Can You Do About Psoriasis?

Plaque psoriasis is one among the common kind of psoriasis and this accounts for 90% of cases recorded. Plaque psoriasis is diagnosed with the presence of red patches covered in a build-up of old skin debris which is in most cases white in color. Patients would normally feel itch and pain on the affected regions.

Nevertheless, the erythrodermic psoriasis is known as an uncommon condition where rashes could spread over large sections of the entire body. The patient’s skin becomes very inflamed and red, this is why adding it is called the red skin psoriasis. Body fever and chills may accompany the extreme inflammation.

koebner phenomenon

For the reason that disease mostly causes itch and pain, an affected person would normally feel restless due to its continuous discomfort. You will need a very high degree of self-control to withstand the urge to scratch the affected areas which would make the situation worse, like opening an injury and having a chance of getting a bacterial infection.

Signs of psoriasis and eczema are incredibly similar in terms of how they make the skin to seem red, inflamed and itchy. However, they mustn’t be confused with the other. The root grounds for eczema is allergies, while psoriasis is undoubtedly an immune-mediated disease. Consider a dermatologist to have an accurate diagnosis.

These days, a fresh introduction of treatment called biologics are actually designed to treat severe psoriasis. It functions by suppressing specific sections of the immune inflammatory response which are overactive in psoriasis. Other cheaper alternatives could be natural sunlight since it could help clear psoriasis in most patients in small doses.

People are often afraid to be in contact with people who are dealing with psoriasis due to the impression that it’s an infectious disease. It is absolutely an improper misconception since it is safe to be near a psoriatic patient. In reality, you won’t “catch” the sickness nor transfer.

Generally speaking, the public still has a harmful perception of psoriasis. The visible signs of inflamed skin are considered as “gross”, so most of the people don’t want to be in proximity with a sufferer. Such environment is damaging for the dignity and morale, causing them to decline any unwanted social settings.

There is certainly evidence which proves there is simply an insufficient public understanding with regard to the disease that correlates to thousands of sufferers opting to isolate themselves from other people. Rather than suffering in silence, we should open dialogue in order that sufferers shall be inspired to speak and shake off their fears and make a change to see a medical doctor. Visit the website to learn more about psoriasis http://mypsoriasis.my/koebner-phenomenon

insurance company in malaysia, car insurance

Full Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

Being on the list of pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for more than 60 years, AIG serves the citizen by supplying quality delivery by way of insurance and risk management solutions. As one of the insurance company in Malaysia, AIG Malaysia provides insurances services like car insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, and medical insurance. After the day the building blocks is set in 1953, AIG’s consistent development caused a steady increase in their own individual network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now at least 15 offices opened across the country.

AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Plan Plan

Your life or business not insured up against the uncertain future are generally frightening for the people and businesses. To give both groups of customers a secure feeling, AIG Malaysia has formulated distinct types of services which can satisfy their desires.

Having a property registered under one’s name could, in fact, be terrifying without insurance protection, mainly because it will cause a tremendous loss when unwanted happens. Hence, the Malaysian government has made it obligatory to obtain insurance whenever individuals get a new car and a house. Within the insurer’s side like AIG, they’re doing their portion by making sure the customers are fully covered from various risks which happen to be commonly associated with cars and properties.

insurance company in malaysia, car insurance

Nevertheless, there is still the primary aspect everyone should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates the public on the incredible importance of medical insurance policies, it can be pleasing in order to witness a stable improvement in degrees of health-related insurance purchase every succeeding year on account of their tireless effort.

The local businesses’ expansion to foreign markets combined with very affordable transportation has produced frequent travel the most recent standard. It has led to the growing demand for insurance to cover individuals while making each of those domestic and foreign trips. To match the needs, AIG Malaysia has offered an insurance plan with complete coverage to the customers.

For corporations, AIG has got a versatile risk management policy that assists them to protect their business from unforeseeable loss. They are simply at liberty to join any variety of insurance, for example, property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance linked with financial lines, or maybe group employee benefits insurance as part of their employees’ medical & health benefit with AIG.

AIG grasps well that corporate clients in manufacturing, education, banks, import & export, construction, and the aviation market has different insurance plans needs; and it is simply the sole goal of providing such standard of flexibility. Also, it also gives credence to require smaller scale businesses and aids them by providing SME Package to eligible companies.

Hence, customers who are interested take a look at about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can go to their webpage to receive information about nearby agents to set up a private meeting. To customers who prefer a straight-forward approach, they can simply ask for a quote on the website and supply relevant information to ensure assessment can be made.

Being one of the main companies which embrace technology in its operation, AIG Malaysia has partnered up with Lazada Malaysia in order to make online insurance purchase far easier. The infusion of e-commerce on their strategy will, in the end, profit the customers as they possibly can easily purchase their preferred insurance plan while having it activated within 72 hours after undergoing a few quick registration steps. Get more information now at https://www.aig.my/personal/auto-insurance

Child Development: Areas of Development

What is child development?

Child development is a process that every child will go through. It is the process of physical, language, thought and emotional changes that happen to a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood.


The process involves learning and mastering skills such as sitting, talking, walking and skipping. Children master these skills, called developmental milestones, during a predictable time frame.


Five main aspects of child development:

Cognitive development 

A child’s ability to learn and solve problems. Examples of cognitive development would be a 12-month-old infant learning to discover and investigate things that intrigue them, or a six-year-old child learning how to answer simple math questions.


Social and emotional development 

A child’s ability to communicate with others, including helping themselves and self-control. For example, a two-month-old infant smiling and look directly at you, a 12-month-old waving “hello” or “goodbye”, or a three-year-old child starts to play with other kids and separate from parents more easily.

child development

Speech and language development 

A child’s ability to understand and use language. Examples of this type of development would include: a five-months-old baby reacts to loud sounds, a 17-month-old infant tries to imitate simple words, or a four-year-old child understands spatial concepts like “in front” and “next to”.


Fine motor skill development

A child’s ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers. For example, a 12-month-old infant transfers objects from one hand to another, a 3-year-old child able to eat without assistance, or five-year-old kid able to write numbers and copy letters.

Gross motor skill development 

A child’s ability to use large muscles. Examples of gross motor skill development would be a six-month-old infant able to sit with support, an 18-month-old baby able to crawl and walk, or a five-year-old child able to step up stairs while holding an object.  



It is important to monitor each child’s development and check if a child’s development is on track. If there are signs of developmental delay, early treatment can make a big difference in a child’s ability to develop new skills. To learn more about a child’s growth, visit https://pediasure.com.my/watchMeGrow/child_growth now!


Put Brands Aside: What Makes the Right Smartphones?

Smartphones are simply speaking important to us, as we use them everyday to connect with the whole world. However, as it is common for technology to start to be outdated after a few years (which is a great indication of advancement), we’ll really need to keep the trend have fun with the most out of it. So, how should we spot an acceptable smartphone to buy?


Operating System

The world of smartphones is split into 2 major realms. On one side you will find there’s Android Operating System and so on the other you can find iOS. As Android is open source, it is usually readily customisable and you’ll personalise your smartphone interface. iOS on the other hand, offers a more intuitive smartphone interface. It’s rather tough to say the best android phone, but people that value a slightly higher mobile hardware specs could try their hands on the Android line-up for example , Vivo, Oppo, Huawei or Samsung. Check out the affordable Vivo V5 with 4GB RAM here.


Screen Size

Nowadays, we use smartphones for more than just making a call. As faster connection to the web and better quality of multimedia, we spend hours and hours checking out the screen to watch videos on Netflix or Youtube. This means bigger screen size are useful. As an illustration, smartphones like Vivo V7 Plus have huge display size you’ll like.


Display Quality

Display quality can also be a critical feature you need to consider, because color quality including screen brightness matter above resolution. It is advisable to take notice of the brightness of the screen as it determines if it is also possible to utilize phone conveniently outdoors.


Vivo V5


Camera Performance

Sometimes you could think how the camera quality of Samsung and Apple phones would not be defeated, well rethink it! Because other budget smartphones like Vivo has awesome camera lens too, such as the Vivo V5. Just be certain you test both of the front and back camera should you arrive at the store, you should also test the recording quality at the same time!


Data Storage

Nowadays, 1 image may have a size of 2MB. Considering the number of pics and vids we take, as well as apps and games installed, data storage capacity should never be taken lightly. So, ensure that you want ones with a minimum of 32 GB of storage. Better yet, also consider those that allows external SD card insertion.


Battery Capacity

Well, regardless of what powerful your smartphone is, they mean nothing in the event it only lasts several hours per charge. It’s well known that the need to have a powerbank repeatedly is very annoying. Therefore, next time you find a phone, search for those with greater than 3,000 mAh, and you will be fine.


Additional Features

Besides above features, there are numerous more and everything depends on preference. Waterproof phones, wireless charging and face scanners, it is possible these days. Consider what you wish and just what you should have inside of a smartphone.



In the end, it all relies on your choice and budget. Should you be looking for an cost-effective smartphone, the latest iPhone probably are not the right selection for you. But do not worry, there are a number budget smartphones around with amazing features and specifications. .

Pride Malaya, digital marketing agency

Make Your Brand Show Up Above The Masses

Digital marketing in Malaysia continues to become an ascending trend as even more businesses soon will go online. Businesses most of the time, are aware that the consumer market is gradually migrating their online experiences to devices besides the personal computer, in particular, their cell phone and tablet. Thus making it important for businesses to begin thinking creatively on how to target their customers effortlessly on their everyday lives. An illustration of consumer behavior trends will be the rise in video content. More agencies all over Malaysia have started seeing the significance in video marketing, as online studies show that most online surfers are spending a lot of their time viewing videos.

Pride Malaya: Making Companies Prosper in Malaysia

Pride Malaya has proven itself and also has developed a well-known status as being a revered digital marketing agency in Malaysia. This Kl based agency happens to be acquired via multinational media and marketing agency company Dentsu Aegis Network in 2016 and has scaled up their business from the time.

If you hope to attain the best digital solutions, look no further. A positive digital strategy is to determine your actual online footprint as being a baseline, and find out how we can establish it up from there. The one-size-fits-all strategy wouldn’t work here, as each industry comes along with different categories of challenges and restrictions. One of the benefits with going digital, however, is that you could transcend borders and target specific audiences in a variety of geographical locations.

Pride Malaya, originally began with SEO and very quickly built a good name as a trusted SEO company in Malaysia through their positive results with their clients just like HSBC, M Group and Holiday Inn Penang for example. Besides SEO, content marketing is truly a primary component for SEO to achieve success. To maximize the visibility of website pages on Google, websites need to have to adhere to a criteria list that also includes resourceful copywriting and catchy content that will encourage click-throughs and social website shares. The match of services go hand-in-hand and Pride Malaya knows how to leverage on the two to find the maximum people to the website.

Pride Malaya, digital marketing agency

To get a maximum return with Google Ads, Pride Malaya possesses a strong record for achieving outside your expectations with sales and conversions. Their knowledge with performance marketing and display advertising ensures your business reaches it’s business targets. Staying true to the global Pride Malaya brand, Pride Malaya have the whole right skills for promising an effective campaign for your investment.

Who does not have a Facebook account nowadays? It’s the reason why you should embrace Facebook marketing in Malaysia! Malaysians spend lots of time on Facebook, so be sure that your business Facebook page is continually updated with intriguing, notable and engaging content. It’s also sensible to learn about Instagram being a promotional tool. This fast-growing network allows a fantastic showcase of pics and videos utilizing its multitude of signature filters. Instagram for business allows ads-buying and provides important analytics data on your brand.

Businesses without their own personal website are lacking vital insights and above all, customers. Brick and mortar stores are not enough as consumers are online via multiple touch points, getting your own website brings along several benefits and addresses customer’s most typical questions like contact information, address and product/service information. Pride Malaya’s web developers in Malaysia are skilled at making websites that supply the functions you want it to, with expertise in both frontend and backend, your website is going to be a crucial extension of your brand’s service. They are not only revered for their website development but additionally as top web design company in Malaysia. Function in addition to aesthetics is a couple of the most basic aspects for when building a website.

An imperative component of measuring online performance is by setting up accurate tracking. Data analytics is an important component for achieving this. With the agency’s knowledgeable data scientists in-house, they’ll make sure all performance areas are precisely created to reflect insights so that you can base further business decisions on. Another useful skill the analytics team possesses is the capability to encourage more conversions through their conversion rate optimization process.

In general, Pride Malaya delivers the entire online package to extend a business’s presence online, through their internet site or social network sites. Would you like extra info or are you interested in employment with this company? Go and visit their website to determine if you fit their digital marketing job description and apply! All of the best! Visit the website now https://www.pridemalaya.com

The Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

Exercise during pregnancy is well recognized as being both good and safe for the mom-to-be and the baby. Experts agree that when you’re pregnant, it’s essential to keep moving. Pregnant women who exercise tend to have more energy, a better body image, and less back pain.


Here are four exercises you can do while you’re pregnant.

All of these cardio exercises help to increase blood circulation, muscle tone, and endurance:



Swimming is the perfect pregnancy exercise for mom-to-be. Because when you’re moving in the water, you weigh less than you exercise on land, so you’ll feel lighter and more agile. Working out in the pool will also help relieve nausea, puffy ankles and sciatica pain. Just be extra cautious when you walk on slippery pool sides, and step or slide into the pool instead of jumping or diving in.


Aerobic exercises

Low-impact aerobic exercises and dance workout classes like Zumba are good ways to increase your heart rate and get the endorphins flowing if you’re a newbie to sports. You should avoid any exercises that require you to balance. If you’re a newbie exerciser, you should look for the water version of aerobics, which is the ideal exercise for the expecting moms.

Exercise during Pregnancy


Walking is the easiest exercise to fit into your busy daily schedule. It’s also an exercise you can do right up until your delivery date and even on the actual day if you’re tensed. It helps you along the contractions. What’s easier is that you don’t need any equipment or a gym membership to do this exercise.


Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling can be an excellent workout for pregnant women, as it allows you to pedal at your own pace without the risk of putting pressure on your knee joints and ankle or falling from the bike. You need to adjust the handlebars, so you’re seated more upright and not leaning forward to avoid adding pressure on your lower back.  



There are plenty of exercises you can do while you’re pregnant, but keep in mind that you need to be extra careful while exercising. If you’re unsure what activity is safe and what is not for you, seek advice from your trainer or gynecologist. Whatever you do, try not to be too harsh on yourself when it comes to working out, and most importantly, enjoy and have fun! Want to learn more about pregnancy exercises? Visit https://abbottnutrition.com.my/pregnant-mom/fit-mother-healthy-mother now!


Digi Malaysia: Postpaid Plan & Much More

Green, blue, orange, or yellow has grown to be no longer just four colors we learn at the kindergarten. In the telecommunication arena, all these colors represents some of the top players in the local telecommunication industry. In this short article, we highlight the most reliable of them all purely for your thinking.

In Malaysia, there’s a well known telecommunication mobile phone network provider that continuously offers great plans which is Digi. Whether it’s a broadband or smartphone plan, Digi provides the very best deals to pick from, such as the iPhone X, where all sorts of consumers that include students, professionals, together with companies can usually benefit from.


Prepaid Plans

Digi is one of the best service providers you will find in Malaysia. With numerous different varieties of mobile prepaid plans to consider, Digi promises great value by way of unlimited internet, free calls, and more. Since it’s merely a prepaid plan, just go ahead and get a brand new SIM card to give it a try.

Besides, there’s even a different postpaid plans if you would rather making payment on the monthly basis in contrast to needing to top up the their mobile prepaid all too often. Yes, postpaid plans formerly were expensive, but that’s history. At as low as RM50, you can get yourself a Digi postpaid plan already!


Apple iPhones

With great internet, you should have a great phone. Now that everybody agrees that the iPhone X is really a great smartphone with phenomenal functions, why don’t you buy one with Digi’s phone purchase package? With Easy Payment Plan intended for men and women that needs it, owning the hottest smartphone is much easier now.


Android Phones

As Digi realizes that nearly all of it consumers are looking for great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to go along with. Needless to say famous Android phones like Samsung are there, but what’s really special is going to be free smartphone deals, such as Oppo F5 & Vivo Y66 which you can get from Digi.


iPhone X



When we speak about the various plans and packages, let’s head on down right to what certainly matters for us today, which is high speed internet. Because you might want to opt for the broadband, with Digi, the package starts from RM30 for 18GB of prepaid data, to just RM100 for 100GB of data with postpaid plan.


IDD Calls

This doesn’t end there. As a number of people in addition has the desire to contact other individuals overseas equally for personal & commercial reasons, he or she can save probably the most with Digi simply because this network provider provides free international calling or IDD depending upon the plan. For travelers, they are going to take advantage of the low price roaming.



Last but not least, Digi puts the cherry over the top by having a amazing customer experience that is provided with the product. If people require any assistance with your mobile subscription plan or internet broadband plan, just contact their careline at 016 2211 180 or test out Digi’s customer live chat feature on their site.

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How to Tell Apart Psoriasis and Scabies

Skin diseases may look similar to an untrained eye, but every skin condition is unique from each other. It is the same with psoriasis and scabies. People may easily confuse the two skin disorders, but there are apparent differences if you take a closer look.

Here’s how to tell the differences between the signs of psoriasis and scabies:

The nature of the skin conditions

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and not caused by external factors. The immune system of psoriasis patients attacks itself, resulting skin cells to develop rapidly. You can’t contract psoriasis as it isn’t contagious.

Meanwhile, scabies happens when Sarcoptes scabiei, a microscopic mite burrows into a victim’s skin and lays eggs. Then, the eggs hatch into larvae, move to the surface of the skin and repeat the cycle. Prolonged direct skin contact with people with scabies is usually how the mites spread to other hosts.

psoriasis novartis


As psoriasis and scabies are obviously two different diseases, there are distinct signs of the two skin disorders.

Due to the rapid skin cell growth occurring in psoriasis patients, they suffer from red, flaky patches on their skin. These lesions may appear on anywhere on the body but are often found on the palms, elbows and the scalp.

On the other hand, infestations of scabies appear in the form of a pimple-like rash. A person that has scabies may also develop sores by scratching due to the intense itching experienced. Another distinct trait of the scabies is the track-like burrows created by the mites tunnelling under the skin.


There is no known cure to psoriasis, but there are treatment and medication to manage with the symptoms. Most common methods include topical steroids, ultraviolet light therapy or a combination of different treatments.

You can get rid of scabies by applying a prescription lotion or cream on your whole body and leave it for 8 to 14 hours. Doctors may also provide antihistamine pills to ease the itching. Close family members are also recommended to go under the same treatment regardless if they show signs of scabies or not.


Psoriasis and scabies can be easy to tell apart if you know what symptoms to look for. If you believe you have psoriasis or scabies, stay calm and consult a doctor immediately.

Learn more about psoriasis and other skin disorders by clicking http://mypsoriasis.my/psoriasis-types-and-other-similar-skin-conditions.

digital marketing agency | Emperikal

Build Your Company and Revenue with Emperikal Malaysia

Digital marketing agency in Malaysia continues to turn into rising trend as way more businesses learn to go virtual. Businesses in general, understand or know that the consumer market are gradually shifting their online experiences to devices besides the personal computer like for example their cellular phone and tablet. Thus rendering it very important for businesses to start out with thinking creatively about how to target buyers effortlessly inside of their everyday lives. An example of consumer behaviour trends may be the increased amount of video content. More agencies across Malaysia have started seeing the value in video marketing, as the online study shows that the majority of online users are spending a large amount of their time viewing videos.

Staying True to our Emperikal Brand

Emperikal, a well established full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia is a great solution to suit your company needs. This global brand belongs to the prestigious Dentsu Aegis Network. You can obtain unparalleled access to world-class marketing resources which is available from its other sister agencies.

This marketing agency distinguishes itself from lots of others by providing the whole package of digital marketing services. This gives them the ability to work effective and efficient for businesses of any size. Thanks to this, the business has been working in conjunction with many global firms around South-East Asia.

If you hope to increase your business using the web, you’ll need good content. You can depend on content marketing in Malaysia to reach out to your target audience; whether on your own website, onto your company newsletter or on popular social networking sites. If you have a part of the good content on your website, you might want website visitors to find it on the web. As being the leading SEO company in Malaysia, let us help your website rank higher for targeted keywords on the internet.

To convey more direct leads to Malaysia, pay per click and display advertising that this internet marketing agency provides will deliver immediate results by placing a site straight to the top of the Google results page. This’ll increase a website’s traffic from the start together with the end goal of making more leads.

Social network sites today has turned into a part of everyone’s every day living. Visiting your social account is vital after every few hours. People keep in touch wherever they could be and use social platforms as their supply of news, inspiration, and comedy. It is vital for businesses to engage with their audience over the popular platforms and sorts of content, that allows you to stay relevant. Facebook advertising, Instagram sponsored posts and LinkedIn are some of the most common types of social website advertising supplied by our social media agency in Malaysia.

Build your Own Identity and Site

Build website | Digital Marketing Agency | Emperikal

Businesses without their own website are missing out on vital insights and above all, customers. Offline stores aren’t enough as customers are online via multiple touch points, owning your own website brings along advantages and addresses customer’s most commonly seen questions like contact information, address and product/service information. Emperikal’s web developers in Malaysia are highly skilled at making websites that provide the functions you need it to, with an understanding of both frontend and backend, your website will be a major extension of your brand’s service. They’re not only revered for their website development but additionally as top web design company in Malaysia. Function coupled with aesthetics are a couple of the most important aspects of when creating a website.

To help you track performance, this online agency does extensive data analysis. This gives a straightforward view of exactly how a website or even the advertisements are accomplishing, with the goal to further improve this. As a way to improve performance, they’ll set up a conversion rate optimization strategy that may boost a site through thorough testing.

Emperikal has raised the bar for the digital marketing industry in Malaysia and will often always strive for excellence. Together with the Dentsu Aegis Network, we will retain the momentum going in helping brands produce a strong presence online. To enjoy a career in online marketing, explore digital marketing jobs on the Emperikal website and contact us today at emperikal.com!

Info About Ebene Malaysia’s Type of Products

Ebene is a company which offers health goods for the people. Almost all their products have One thing in common, which is to make better health by improving blood and oxygen flow. What Ebene does is to try to adopt and commercialise ancient Chinese medicine concept for all the good thing about people.

Ebene’s product success is formulated by the items which helps make it. Fundamentally, Ebene’s solutions are composed of minerals that can help to emit energy and also heat directly into the flesh of the covered body region to restabilize blood and oxygen flow. Bio-Ray that comes with use of minerals on the item is the true secret.


Knee Guard

We should now zoom directly into the product itself. Basically, Ebene offers items which can be utilized on many areas of the body. However, the top selling product is certainly Ebene’s knee guard. The product is simply speaking built to provide support around the knee to the individuals patients dealing with surgery & more.

When you make use of this product, you will experience a great relief from the pain sensation or swelling caused by poor blood and oxygen flow. However, while your body will need some adjustment, it’s advised that you really give them a go for several hours in the daytime, and extend usage to evening hours as soon as your system is comfortable with it.


Ankle Guard

Next, there is the ankle guard. This product is designed for people experiencing discomfort around the ankle. Hence, it’s perfect to be used by athletes, especially those active in the types of sports that would need numerous feet movement similar to marathon, football, in addition to basketball.

Men and women who wear this compression sock can get the same benefit as obtaining a foot massage. Ebene’s compression sock is incredibly beneficial for the aged who often times have leg cramps, individuals who walk or drive long distances each day, and additionally simply everyone who wear shoes for extended hours.




Compression Socks

For those who regularly have a stressed leg that triggers discomfort and numbness, try Ebene’s compression socks. The socks can help warm up your feet once worn, yet still time the minerals attached to it should transmit energy to provide the feet a similar benefit as getting a foot massage.

As we commonly wear shoes for very long hours at your workplace, this product certainly will be a perfect fit in order to reduce soreness. Additionally, individuals who walk a substantial distance to the office each day, and also individuals that sits in long flights can take advantage of amazing benefits for this foot massage socks.



Ebene’s range of products aren’t just restricted to these featured items, because they also provide health gloves, wrist guard, and many others in store. Plus, who knows what’s more coming our way; back support products perhaps? Well, you may want to look at Ebene Malaysia’s official website anytime to stay up to date.